With about double the number of Apple users, Android finds a bigger market share than Apple. 

Android, so, seems to win the battle of iOS vs. Android app development.

But is it really what it looks like?

A big NO!

Building apps for iOS is always preferred over apps for Android. 

4 reasons to explain why iOS should be used for app development are:



App Store has a higher number of paid apps than the Play Store. 

In Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 held by Apple, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. announced that Apple paid $100 billion to App Store Developers.

With such a huge figure, it is quite clear that iOS Apps Developers earn more than Android App Developers.


Less Competition:

The chance of winning goes up, as the number of competitors goes down.

Statcounter says that Android stands with 77.85% whereas Apple has 22.87% market shares from November 2018 to November 2019.

There is a lesser number of Apple devices in the market, hence a lesser number of competitors in the app development market for iOS. So, easier success for iOS apps over Android apps.


Hardware Compatibility:

Building apps that work flawlessly with all screen sizes for Apple is way easier than for Android.

With so many Android devices in the market, the screen size list of Android devices seems never-ending. On the other hand, Apple devices do not have much versatility in screen dimensions.

The App developers need not fight tooth and nail to cover all screen sizes while choosing to work for the iOS platform.


The benefit of Slow Release of Newer Versions:

Apple releases new iOS versions less frequently than Android

Android version releases are so frequent that if an Android app developer decides to work upon the latest Android version and uses the latest facilities provided by it, he would end up finding out that less than even half of all the Android devices do not support that version and hence the app faces compatibility issues with maximum devices. 

The slower release of Apple versions gives the advantage that the iOS app will run efficiently with maximum devices.


Similar User Interface:

iOS apps have a similar user interface.

The iOS app developers need not brief out every gesture of the app to the users, as they are already familiar with it.

Designing iOS apps is also easier than Android Apps. As most of the apps have an almost similar interface, the developer can simply copy the interface from other apps and use it efficiently to build up a new one.


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