Marketing Analytics

“Rein in the power of your data through Staffing People Services offered excellent Marketing Analytics Services”!

The applicability of different scientific methodologies aiding companies, individuals, and organizations in their marketing attempts and future growth is undergoing drastic changes over the last few years. In this modern technological era, the marketing analytics services blend in seamlessly even with the non-traditional and contemporary data sources and quickly been adapting to the rapidly evolving distinct digital delivery mediums

Our marketing analytics experts brings together real-world business intelligence and data science capabilities to evaluate and drive insights from the data for your business. With years of experience and strive to offer our clients with none but the best satisfactorily services, we help you to measure, examine, and handle your marketing initiatives aiming to maximize the efficiency of the department and optimize the ROI. The services help the marketers to get an idea of the success of the marketing strategies by measuring the performance and overall efficacy, using KPIs. The analytics can depict, how your business’s marketing campaigns are doing, and which areas need to be put the focus on

Core Capabilities

A micro-level percentage of people is getting familiar with increased digital activity. This ideal access to both online and offline footprint is letting the marketers get a 360-degree view of everything, in terms of demographics, behaviours, and attitudes. Data, technology, and analytics are compelling and urging omnichannel marketing throughout the lifecycle with customization possible to do to the core. It is granting the marketers to look for different value propositions and know about the best marketing and targeting ways. We make sure of providing an integrated set of analytics services using cutting throat technologies, tools, and statistical models ensuring to take business decisions quicker and in a hassle-free way. Our offered marketing analytics services cover the following aspects


Consumer Insights

In this domain, we help our clients in conducting survey analytics, as per market-based analysis, brand switching, choice modelling, path-to-purchase, check out pricing and promotions and devise the best tactics


Omnichannel Marketing

The marketing analytics basis is upon the real-time bidding, A/B testing, attribution modelling, marketing mix modelling strategies which are aiming to emphasize the audience targeting and campaign optimization


Product and Market Analytics

This area focuses on the pipeline forecasting, market segmentation, personalization, brand equity analytics, new product introduction, merchandising and assortment, and product portfolio optimization

Analyze, Gather, and Act on your Marketing Data!

With our holistic data-driven approach, we help you get answers to queries and concerns, and that could assist in the following


Better decision-making


Take meaningful and informed decisions


Focus on customer behavior


Enrich the experience of the customer journey


Evolve your company or organization


Illustrate and imbibe the sustainable value

The purpose is to build actionable insights from the data, learn consistently from the user and organizational actions and ultimately make smart and effective decisions, and enhance business outcomes. As experienced marketing analytics specialists, we ensure to build the processes and framework essential to successfully implement the data analytics within your real data time rich environment