Data Engineering

Transform the company’s discordant data into robust, actionable, and intellectual intelligence using data engineering agile analytics services! Staffing People Services specializes in it and proffers a comprehensive, holistic approach to data analytics and engineering covering all the technical tools, methodologies, and drivers needed to capitalize on your organization’s data resources fully

In most businesses, there are loads of data available in all sizes and shapes in both structured and unstructured forms. The data could be linked anywhere to social media, systems of record, or systems of engagement. But the irony is, most of the data is not utilized aptly due to different reasons, including changing requirements, departmental operations in the cloud, the origin of new data volume sources, etc. Our offered data engineering services turn organizational data in the form of insights for timely, effective, and informed business decisions with the best-in possible TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

How can Data Engineering and we assist?

Our data engineering analysts work with our clients closely while implementing big data infrastructures helping in leveraging or extending their existing IT infrastructure with the lowest total cost of ownership and other expenses. Our services have focused entirely on any organization or business, and our specialists are aware of what it means to render measurable value and results. Our approach will be following the ingestion of the data (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) into the data storage, and after going via cleaning, transformation, and analysis, data visualization insights will be shared with the client


Data Pipelines

Creating a data pipeline is not an easy job. Though owning one and using it to analyze the business’s results and risks, is a big thing. We have both expertise and experience in creating data pipelines, right from the start, or even using the solutions through leading cloud platform third party vendors


Data Lakes

Creating a data lake is not that tough, and it covers everything linked to the data centralization. It doesn’t reveal the sources and is usually build in raw formats. The tougher job is to extract meaningful insight out of the data. We can help in creating your Big Data Lake and move along on this journey for the betterment and assuring efficacy

Enable value Realization

The data engineering solutions help to cut down on operational costs, seek new sources from where revenue can be generated, build new products, and realize the worth of the data

Data Analytics

The analytics initiatives can assist the clients in increasing their business’s revenue, operational efficiency, respond promptly to evolving market trends, optimize customer service and marketing campaigns, and in all, be ahead of others and at the edge. We can help in all

We work in open source and latest data engineering technologies, ensuring results and relevant insights for your business. The data engineering services which we cater to and can assist are as follows

Creating end-to-end data pipelines

Handling different file format conversions

Maintaining and holding on the data integrity and authenticity

Creating data models

Performing data cleansing, data analytics, data tuning, and data transformations

Extracting data from various sources and investing into relevant destinations

Enriching both structured and unstructured data for downstream analytical purpose

The leading organizations in today’s era are making sure that both IT teams and business is collaborating seamlessly throughout the procedure. It covers ensuring the correct relevant data is analyzed, sourced, cleaned, modeled, and implemented well on time. And, in the process, it should not be crumbled at all. Our data engineering experts have experience in dealing with the data across data lakes, pipelines, clouds, and platforms. Feel free to contact us to know more about it, and we will help in the best possible way