Top 5 techie trends  are enlisted out here:



Drones, PETOI, Sophia – robots are running the world. 

Created to ease our day-to-day life, robots are now our necessity. We rely upon robots for our almost daily activities and there are innumerous robots in the world. And the count does not stop here.

Humans are into developing more and more robots and researching the latest technologies that could be included in the robots that can help the world.


3D Printed Organs

Recent technologies are always intended to benefit humans. Scientists have invented phenomenal devices that served mankind, cured their ailment, and increased their life longevity.

The most recent advancements in medical science include re-growing organs using 3D printers. This revolutionary invention uses sugar to print the detailed structure of organs.

Transplantation is the main motive of printing 3D organs. Scientists are researching ways to create an efficient ‘real-like artificial heart, kidney, and other organs using 3D printers for organ substitution.

This remarkable technique can revolutionize medical science and has the potential to exponentially increase the average life period of an individual.


Mobile Payment Systems

Portable, safe and easy.

The mobile transaction is a big step towards the ‘going cashless’ initiative of the countries.

Carrying a heavy wallet is quite cumbersome, and unsafe too.

Using mobile payments, one has access to his bank account even if he is far away from the bank, that too without carrying currency along with.

The benefits of mobile payment systems are pushing up the usage of these gateways to the limit of going completely cashless.


Newspapers Struggling to Maintain Its Existence

Reading news, getting directions, ordering food-smartphones is the one-stop destination to the solution of almost all the problems.

Getting more appropriate, the internet is the answer to almost all the queries.

With an outburst of usage of internet services, people are availing of the facilities of different news apps and websites to get the latest happenings around the globe.

Another factor that has led the newspapers to the edge of ceasing existence is the television.

Smartphones, the internet, and television deliver the occurring of even the most distant locations almost instantaneously. This made the masses into liking these media more than newspapers as the latter demands its own time to get written, edited, and printed.

With increasing inflation, people are trying to cut all extra expenses and continue only the necessary ones. The newspaper service is nowadays considered to be an extra expense by many and hence, is discontinued. 


5G Network

The fifth-generation high-speed wireless technology, the 5G network is one of the most anticipated blasts to change the IoT technology.

With the expected average speed of 1GBps, 5G is all set to fire the downloading and other internet experiences. 

The 5G technology will run along with the already existing 3G and 4G on the network supporting devices.