What could be better than building a single app that runs flawlessly over all the platforms? How convenient would it be for the developer to devote all his precious time and resources to building one app and targeting multiple platforms simultaneously?

This is where cross-platform mobile app development comes into play.

Cross-platform development being super Flexi, cost, and time effective is emerging out as one of the most popular choices in the market. The app developers are liking the concept a lot and also are heavily benefitting out from this emerging technology as creating a single app and making it work on multiple platforms is much easier than building separate apps for each of the platforms.

As a developer of these multi-platform apps, it is beneficial to stay updated on the various tools used for the developing part. To ease out your search and answer to the query of what are the top cross-platform mobile development tools, here are the hottest 5 of them enlisted out:


Using Ruby and C# as the programming languages, Xamarin is a well-trusted name with the tech giants like Microsoft and IBM. Also used in building native apps, the tools provided by Xamarin for the same, can also be used for building cross-platform apps.

The Xamarin platform allows the developer to test-run his developed apps on over a thousand devices and optimize the debugging procedure.


Sencha Touch

One of the popular choices among the tech giants, Sencha touch is a great tool that uses HTML5 codes to develop remarkable apps.

Sencha Touch comes with a lot many in-built facilities, that save the developer from extensive coding. The efficient tool is built with a theme builder that allows developing reusable themes, without getting into the coding portion. 

Utilizing data visualization, the developers can preview their apps on various screen sizes and revamp accordingly.



Build with the trust of Adobe, like the company’s other software and tools, Corona can be completely trusted and relied upon creating quality, high performance, and high-speed cross-platform apps.

Considered the best tool for beginners, PhoneGap uses CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

The special ‘Hydration’ feature ensures faster debugging and builds. 



Appcelerator is an open-source SDK platform that can be used with the help of JavaScript coding.

The easy-to-use platform lets the developer test-run the apps on thousands of platforms and assists easy debugging, crashes, and further improvisations of the app.

Appcelerator provides the facility to build apps that support HTML5, Blackberry, and Hybrid apps.

The Appcelerator platform comes with the hyperloop, which is regarded as one of the top cross-platform APIs.



Corona platform is the answer to all the queries of developing cross-platform games.

The platform has a separate programming language known as Lua, derived from the C programming language.

If aiming at high-performance graphics for 2D game developments, no other platform could turn out to be as helpful as Corona.

The developer can rely on the easy platform for high speed and light-in-weight coding.