As you are a professional marketer, your focus is fetching a massive audience and compelling them to convert. You are experimenting to find out what works for your strategies and wish to find the company-specific metrics that measure the marketing progress. But so many data points seem intimidating, and you get confused about which of them matter in your campaign. What’s the final impact? You end up having either no outcome or unsatisfactory ones.  

Do you find it highly relatable with yourself? If yes, then you’ve landed at the absolute right place. Here you will learn about the five crucial data points you should prioritize to jumpstart your digital marketing attempts. Let’s take a closer look. 


Consider the On-Site Conversion Rate  

Neglecting the conversion forms on your business website can be a blunder. The proficient marketers spend considerable time tracking the site-viewers who complete at least one on-site form. The audiences who have filled your contact form or signed up for your newsletter are interested in your offerings. Also, they know about your business to some extent through rigorous online interactions. Communicating to such a group will push them down your sales funnel, transforming them into your high-yielding clients. 


Assign Monetary Goal Values  

Associating monetary value to each online conversion assists in tracking the overall marketing progress in a better way. Since goal values are game-changing online marketing data points, Google allows associating financial goals per conversion in their Ads and Analytics offerings 


Analyze Web Traffic 

You might witness web traffic more than all others in your industry. Unluckily, not everyone among them is your precious leads. So, how do you separate non-potential viewers and targeted prospects? Well, you can leverage several filters in your website to do so. The non-interested viewers will stop at the initial stages themselves whereas, the leads will come down through all the filters conveniently. There you are! You can gather the filtered leads and weave your communication campaign around them for a fueled success. 


Focus on the Marketing Qualified Leads 

If you think all your leads will convert eventually, think again! Generally, all your targeted customers will not reach the desired position. Some of them will get reluctant later, and the others will get to the base of your sales funnel. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) refers to the latter group of leads. But how to identify them? Well, you can spot them by the engagements they make with your website content. So, your aim should be to prioritize the MQL and encouraging them to convert. 


Justify Your Assumed MQL 

Sometimes, your assumed MQLs might fail to convert. Where did it go wrong? Probably, there is a fault in your MQL assumption. The channels you selected to funnel the MQLs are incorrect, and identifying the non-convertible leads as the MQLs. So, all you need is to restructure the filters and searching the MQLs more efficiently. Once you recognize the actual MQLs, they will convert and increase your sale significantly. 

Identifying the valuable digital marketing data points is a pivotal step for your business. Now that you realize the targeted parameters, what makes you wait? Restructure your campaign to include the above data points and churn more sales than you’ve ever expected.