Tableau Mastery!

Data is the vibrant palette, Tableau is the blank canvas, and our course will teach you how to become a master artist, creating visually stunning and contagious stories that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Imagine yourself standing in a meeting room, delivering a presentation that is met with recognition and applause.


Your presentation presented data-based facts that captured the attention of every leader in the room

The data you presented led to the discovery of additional actionable insights

Your dashboard stands out from the rest by presenting more meaningful KPIs

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar


You have done many online recorded and live courses but you did not find those engaging, challenges in interacting with the coach, no mechanism to cross-check that what you are doing is right or not, and no activities after the completion of the course.

You may have a strong desire to take your career to the next level and increase your earnings but may feel unsure of how to achieve that goal given your current circumstances.

You may have a strong desire to work more and grow yourself, but you may be uncertain about how to make time for personal and professional growth within your current schedule or workload.

You may feel like you’re running out of time as you get older, and although you’re aware that growth is important, you may be struggling to identify the best ways to achieve that growth.

You may spend your weekends brainstorming ways to increase your income, but find yourself feeling burnt out and frustrated due to a lack of concrete plans or strategies for executing those ideas.

We get it, and we want you to know:
You’re SO not alone.

My team and I have extensive corporate experience, and we have worked with many organizations. Through our program, we have witnessed significant positive changes in people’s lives. We have seen individuals, who like you, desire greater freedom, recognition, and growth potential, achieve their goals using our proven path. We firmly believe that these achievements are not only 100% possible but also within reach.


Our program will teach you the most desirable skills of the 21st century that are necessary to grow and stay ahead in the corporate world.


Our system ensures that you not only learn but also apply the new skills that are being taught to you.


Our one-year program includes hand-holding, providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills, interact with new people, and accelerate your journey toward success.
If you’re eager to take on a visionary role in your career,
here are some ways you can achieve that goal.

Having these three areas operating at full capacity is like fuel for your learning curve. It keeps it ticking like clockwork, allowing you to progress at a steady pace.

If you want to complete a six-year journey in just six months, our program is the solution for you. We work with you and handle everything on your behalf, making it possible to achieve your goals in record time.

The TABLEAU MASTERY – Your Ultimate Solution to Fast-Track Your Career Growth.

The #1 Tableau Mastery Program for corporate employees looking to increase their salary, become better leaders, and have sustainable growth in life.

The TABLEAU MASTERY – Your Ultimate Solution to Fast-Track Your Career Growth.

A Step-By-Step Proven Process

Our proprietary system will be taught to you, allowing you to apply it immediately to your professional life. You will gain instant access to the program’s curriculum, which includes convenient worksheets, and templates to simplify implementation.

Built-In Accountability & Support

Aside from receiving special badges, feedback, and resources for completing each step of the process, you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals who support and motivate each other. This community offers fresh perspectives, networking opportunities, and more!

Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls

Weekly live calls where you can have your questions answered by our instructor and knowledgeable experts. You can attend these calls as frequently as you need to get the support you require.

Live Community access

As a member of our program, you will become a part of a highly active community where you can learn from and connect with other professionals in your peer group. This community provides a valuable opportunity to share ideas, gain new perspectives, and expand your network.

Personal Feedback On Your Work

Every piece of work you complete, every system you set up, and every action you take will be reviewed and evaluated by our expert team. You’ll receive constructive feedback and have the opportunity to ask questions and get support during our live calls. You won’t have to tackle any of this on your own.

All Your Questions, Answered

We are committed to providing personalized attention, prompt answers, and assistance to every member of this program, ensuring their success in creating massive efficiency in their career and freeing up their time for sustainable growth.

There is NO simpler, more straightforward way to apply the tableau mastery program to your professional life.

our program provides a concise and user-friendly workbook that allows you to track and visualize the knowledge gained in each session. By following the program at a manageable pace, you can mark completed tasks and track your progress, leading to an improvement in your efficiency score and a reduction in your personal to-do list on a weekly basis.

Meet your coach – Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta proudly calls himself a ‘Number Cruncher’, and rightly so. His clients come to him with their pressing challenges and he could quickly ascertain where the gaps are and helps them ‘see’ what remains ‘unseen’ (though visible).

That’s the power of data and Amit has leveraged this power to help his clients earn and save millions of dollars, year on year.

Amit’s data skills were developed during his youth closely working with father in his company. Later, he has had the privilege to take charge of numerous critical assignments working at market leading companies and was played instrumental role fixing the gaps and saving millions going drain.

Today, along with his team, Amit is helping his clients make faster and more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage using his dashboard built on SABi Framework.

Meet your coach – Yogesh Gupta

Yogesh Gupta’s expertise in solving complex data problems overnight has made him a sought-after professional in the field. Starting as a web application developer during his graduation in 2014, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder and established a reputation as a skilled problem solver. 

In 2017, Yogesh rose to the challenge when one of his seniors was in an accident and a project needed to be delivered within 30 days. He took responsibility for completing the assignment and successfully learned the necessary concepts overnight, setting the stage for him to master data analytics tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Over the years, Yogesh has supported various global and Indian clients on their data journeys, earning him a reputation as a reliable partner. In 2019, Yogesh joined Techginia with Amit Gupta, and together they became indispensable to their clients, becoming their preferred choice.

Apart from his data analytics skills, Yogesh is also proficient in web application, UI/UX, and website development. He is a certified expert in Design Sprint, further highlighting his diverse skillset.

Uncomfortable is new comfortable!

It’s really difficult to understand and gives you the feeling that someone is constantly keeping an eye on you. This might make you feel sad and not very enthusiastic about your work, instead of feeling like you can do your best and enjoy it to get the desired outcome – free to thrive, energized, and inspired.

Here’s the thing about our program: it’s not for everyone. We believe in pushing boundaries, breaking down barriers, and unlocking the true potential within. And yes, that means we’ll be keeping a close eye on your progress, always striving to bring out the very best in you. It might feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s the price of admission to a life of true freedom, inspiration, and boundless energy. If you’re ready to take the leap and join our tribe, then let’s get started. The journey ahead promises to be nothing short of transformational.


Our program was designed with one singular purpose in mind: to facilitate your growth into a more mature individual capable of navigating the chaos of modern life with ease, efficiency, and a sense of calm. Through a meticulously crafted, step-by-step approach, our program equips you with the tools and strategies needed to not just achieve your goals, but surpass them, unlocking untold levels of career success in the process. We firmly believe that by embracing our methods, you’ll develop the confidence needed to surmount any obstacle and take your life to new heights of achievement.

What They Say About The Tableau Mastery Process…


Growth in Sales in Just 3 Months.

I was shell-shocked when Techginia’s data analytics dashboard brought forth factors that were causing us lakhs of losses, every day! This system proved life-saver for us.


Jump in Revenue in Just 2 Months.

Techginia’s dashboards worked incredibly well for us. Not just that, Amit also helped us plug the money-draining gaps and find ways to generate more revenue without escalating costs.

Candes Technology

More Conversion than Before.

Amit was quick to understand our unique challenges and could present viable & practical solutions quickly. Team Techginia supported us all along the journey.


By this time next year,
you will have…







Here’s what you’ll do inside the
Tableau Mastery


Data Analytics

Explain TOC
What is Data Analytics
Data Analytics Jargon


Develop a clear vision for your business that aligns with your goals



Develop a clear vision for your business that aligns with your goals



Explain TOC
What is Data Analytics
Data Analytics Jargon



Develop a clear vision for your business that aligns with your goals



Develop a clear vision for your business that aligns with your goals



Explain TOC
What is Data Analytics
Data Analytics Jargon



Develop a clear vision for your business that aligns with your goals


Story Telling

Develop a clear vision for your business that aligns with your goals

The Only GOLD Standard Tableau Mastery Program Available Online


Private Community Support (₹ 12,000 Value)

For one, members can find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. They can connect with others who have similar experiences, and receive empathy and understanding from those who have been through similar situations.


8 Assignments with feedback (₹ 20,000 Value)

Completing 8 assignments with feedback can also provide a sense of accomplishment and progress. By working through a series of assignments, individuals can see how their skills and knowledge have grown over time, providing motivation and inspiration to continue learning and improving.


52 Week Tips (₹ 5,200 Value)

After completing the program, we won’t leave you behind. We’ll provide you with 52 Week Tips to help you stay connected with the community and continue learning.


12 session on industry update (₹ 60,000 Value)

We will provide you with 12 sessions on Tableau updates to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the market.


12 Case Study (₹ 60,000 Value)

We will provide you with 12 case studies on industry giants showcasing how they leveraged the power of data and analytics. This will enable you to continue learning about the diverse applications of data analytics in the industry.


Job Assistance (₹ 50,000 Value)

Upon completing the program and when you feel ready, we will provide you with job assistance to further advance your career.

When next batch starting?

There will be Eight sessions. Details are as follows…

April: 15th, 29th | May: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th | June: 3rd, 10th
Saturday, 10 am to 12 pm
Session will be on Zoom

Your Investment

The regular fee of the Tableau Mastery program is 1.20 lakhs but how much you would pay would depend on when you have reserved your seat… as from time to time we make offers at our seminar and those are from references. Talk to us if you can still avail any special requests.

The truth is, if you DON’T have TIME for this, you won’t have it next year or the following either. But you DO have the choice to change that now.

If we are unable to find time for something that we deem important, it is unlikely that the situation will change on its own. In fact, it is more probable that our schedules will become even busier as time passes, making it even more challenging to find the time to prioritize that particular task or activity.

By investing a small amount of time each week over the course of eight weeks, you have the opportunity to make significant changes to your life and yourself. Whether it’s learning a new skill, developing a healthy habit, or working towards a personal goal, consistent effort over time can lead to remarkable results.

We know from experience that the Tableau Mastery can deliver up to 10x the investment in returns.


“This sounds great, but will it really work for me?”

To give you an idea of our experience and expertise, we have successfully assisted numerous business leaders in a diverse range of industries such as consulting, staffing, contractors, consumer electronics, software, insurance, and more.
If you’re still not sure if this is right for you OR not – GO AHEAD AND BOOK A CALL so we can help!

There’s a complete money back guarantee.
So, you’re making a risk-free investment.

We are confident that our program has something valuable to offer individuals from all job profiles. However, if you are unsure, there’s no need to worry.

We would never ask you to take a risk we wouldn’t take ourselves. That’s why we back every single enrollment with a super easy, money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the program, simply contact us for a quick and courteous refund.

Plus you’ll also get these bonuses


Q & A Sessions (₹ 40,000 Value)

8 Live Q&A Session on Zoom


Magic Box (₹ 5,000 Value)

Magic Box will deliver your door-step which contains Workbook and study material


Tableau Public Profile (₹ 5,000 Value)

We’ll brushup your Tableau Public Profile

LinkedIn Makeover (₹ 20,000 Value)

Makeover of your LinkedIn profile


Book a Call Now

This is no small decision, and we want to help you make a choice you feel great about

This program represents an investment in yourself, not just financially, but also in terms of the significant impact it will have on your life. By committing to this program, you are committing to a meaningful change that will positively transform your circumstances.

So, especially if you’ve never made a decision to invest, get support, or take action like this before, we really want to help you make the right decision.

We don’t want anyone to join the program unless they’re 100%.

You need to be clear this is right for you, and we want to feel absolutely confident we can help.

If you’re still unsure about whether this program is right for you, or need help deciding which tier to join, grab a call [click here to schedule] and come talk to our very friendly team!

We want to make sure you’re confident in your decision and READY for this program, so truly don’t hesitate to speak to us first.

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